The Sports Day We Never Had

In Term 1, our school sports day was rescheduled to Term 4 due to wet weather and a very muddy oval. So along came Term 4 and it’s almost Summer so it is getting hot. It is 2 days before our sports day and it was cancelled. This was because it was 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and here it is actually illegal to have students outside playing sport in that heat. And because it is so close to the end of the school year, there was no real physical time to reschedule it AGAIN. So, sports day was cancelled.

This caused so much anger/annoyance/disappointment/sadness between students but even more so, the sports leaders.

I am one of the 4 sports leaders for the green team. There are 4 leaders for each colour – green, red, yellow, blue. All 16 of us set up the sport equipment and taught the little kids the activities for about 3 weeks in term 1 and for about 3 weeks in term 4. It was just soooo annoying, knowing all of that work went to waste. This is the first year we had a sports day rescheduled and cancelled. We are all devastated.

We are having a year 6/7 sports day next week while the R-5s are swimming. It’s definitely not the same because:

  1. The year 6/7 know the games

  2. They know the songs

  3. They can control themselves

  4. There are only about 70-80 of us

But at least we will be able to dress up in our team colours. That is a bonus. We understand that the teachers tried their best to get another time but it is still disappointing.

Do you have sports days ?? What team are you in ?? GO GREEN !!


Me Club – Challenge #4

For the Me Club’s challenge #4, I have to post about an animal that best relates to me.


The animal that would most relate to me would probably be a dog.


This is because:

  • Dogs love to sleep – as do I
  • Dogs get excited when something of interest pops up
  • Dogs are generally happy/smiley creatures unless they are forced to do something that disinterests/annoys them
  • Dogs are generally very sociable and friendly
  • Dogs get kind of growly when they feel threatened or are very unhappy 🙁
  • Dogs judge people very quickly – check the reaction of a dog that next aproaches you. Do they automatically decided you are a nice person and jumps on you or licks you or some kind of gesture that suggests you have earned (most of) their trust within seconds or the exact opposite??
  • Dogs are easy to train and are quick learners – not that you can train me…
  • Dogs are very lovable creatures and as long as you are in their good books, you’re safe and sound
  • Dogs can have very sudden mood changes but not often

Dogs are not my favourite animal, nor do I own one but I’ve spent lots of time with dogs and I believe them to have all the qualities I’ve mentioned above and I think they all can be said about me too.

I actually have to thank Millie and Emily for this challenge becuase it was fun thinking and considering all the charaters ofdifferent animals and comparing them with myself.

If you have some spare time, do this activity too, just by yourself. It is lots of fun !!

Pedal Prix – 24 Hour

At the end of Term 3, our school’s Pedal Prix team competed in the 24 Hour Race at Murray Bridge. (See the post on last year’s race here).

The race started at 12 midday on Saturday and finished at 12 midday Sunday. I didn’t get there until about 6:00pm due to other commitments.

We were divided into 4 groups which were assigned different shift times so the work was shared out.

Group A – Erin, Tori, Olivia, Hayley

Group B – Amelia, Charlotte, Connor, Seb

Group C – Millie, Emily, Clarrie, Me

Group D – Nick, Wylan, Hannah, Brandon

Erin started the race which she thought was very exciting and Brandon ended in the bike.

Our team didn’t have any serious crashes or rolls or injuries but some other teams sure did !! One guy got a concussion and had to go to hospital and another broke his leg (Not from our team though) !!

I rode at 9:30pm, 5:30am and 10:45am.

Towards the end of the race, we were watching the computer with our placings on it. We were coming tenth but only by 1 lap. We all rode till we ached to stay in tenth position and it payed off !! It was the first time our school’s team came in the top 10 which really pleased our supportive coordinator/mentor/organiser, Mr Smith along with all the parents who stayed overnight to support us too.

Thanks a lot to everyone that helped and of course, the team !! I hope next year’s team do just as well.


Staff Presentation

Over the past week or so, Emily, Millie, Connor and I have been preparing for a presentation to our school’s staff on becoming a Fair Trade school.

This arose when in Term 2 our class did a big project on Fair Trade and what it is all about. A while after that, we had the idea of our school becoming an official Fair Trade school by having Fair Trade tea, coffee, chocolate, sports equipment and a few other Fair Trade related things around the school.

We decided to do a presentation for the staff and one at the assembly our class is running. Em, Mill, Connor and I were all chosen for the staff meeting presentation and a large group of people are currently working on the one for the assembly.

We picked pieces from all of our oral presentation in Term 2 and brought them into 1 strong, persuasive oral presentation. We made it so we all took turns into speaking. Our plan was this.

Intro – Emily

Facts – Emily

Story – Rachael

Facts – Millie

Facts – Connor

Supporting Fair Trade – Millie

About the kick-start coffee etc. – Rachael

What we are going to do as a school – Millie

Conclusion – Connor

We presented our little prepared speech this afternoon at the staff meeting which our teacher was running which was convenient.

We talked a little about Fair Trade in general with a few facts, buying Fair Trade and what involves being a Fair Trade school. We also had some Fair Trade coffee, chocolate and tea to kick start it in the staff room. We had prepared palm cards which we have learnt to use previously in the year. It was very smooth and all went according to plan which was great !! Now it is up to the staff to decided whether our school will go forward with being a Fair Trade school.

The minimum we can do to be an official Fair Trade school is have Fair Trade tea and coffee as the default option in the staff and canteen (which we don’t have), look into Fair Trade in classrooms and advertise Fair Trade around the school via posters, stickers and newsletter articles.

I reckon it would be a great way to help the other, less fortunate, people at the other end of the production line. Fingers crossed our speech has persuaded the staff of our school to help us along with becoming the first Fair Trade school in South Australia !!

Come To Australia !!

Hey !! A class mate of mine, Connor, shared with us a ‘joyful’ song about Australia which is meant to ‘attract’ tourists to Australia only I reckon it has got the complete opposite reaction. It is called ‘Come To Australia’ by Scared Weird Little Guys.

The lyrics are:

Redback, Funnel-Web, Blue-ringed octopus
Taipan, Tigersnake and a Box jellyfish
Stonefish and the poison thing that lives in a shell
That spikes you when you pick it up

Come to Australia
You might accidentally get killed

Your life’s constantly under threat
Have you been bitten yet?
You’ve only got three minutes left
Before a massive coronary breakdown

Redback, Funnel-Web, Blue-ringed octopus
Tiapan, Tigersnake and a Box jellyfish
Big shark just waiting for you to go swimming
At Bondi Beach

Come to Australia
You might accidentally get killed
Your blood is bound to be spilled
With fear your pants will be filled
Because you might accidentally get killed


It is a fantastic song I reckon although those are just the poisonous/dangerous animals of Australia. There are many UPSIDES to Australia. Here are a few things that Australia have/do that you might not somewhere else in the world.


Summer – December, January, February (We don’t have white Christmas’s over here !!)

Autumn – March, April, May

Winter – June, July, August

Spring – September, October, November

School (2011- Adelaide)

Term 1 – 31st January to the 15th of April

Term 2 – 2nd May to the 8th of July

Term 3 – 25th of July to the 30th of September

Term 4 – 17th October to the 16th of December

When are your seasons ?? Is there anything uniquely different about your country ?? Let me know !!


In class lately, we have been working on 3D Art. It is designed to give a 3D effect. Our teacher found it from a teacher who found it from another. Instructions:

You’ll need a plain piece of white, A4 paper, coloured pencils and a lead pencil.

1. Draw a wavy line right across the middle of the page (no loops).

Wavy Line

2. Draw 8 dots spread out across the line. To make the picture interesting, make them different widths apart.

8 Dots

3.  Connect the dots like a dot-to-dot making them slightly raised. Take the line off the page for the dots on the end, connecting them to a pretend dot that is off the page.


4. Start with every second dot for this step. build upon your first raised line. Make the ‘tower’ change width for effect. keep going off the top of the page.


5. Once you’ve done this for every second column, fill in the blank ones, matching the width of the tower to the blank spot between 2 columns already done.

Fill In

6. Once 1 side of the line is completely filled in with (should be) 7 columns and 2 half columns, do the same thing on the other side. Once that is finished you should end up with 7 full columns and 2 columns cut in half.

7. Pick 3 different combinations of 9 different colours. Alternate these colours throughout one column and alternate the 3 combinations over the columns.

Here is my end result !! I hope your’s turns out well.

End Result !!

Other finished artworks

 Have you done any artwork in class lately ?? Please tell me all about it !!

All In One

On Friday our school participated in the 40 Hour Famine where you give up something that we take for granted. It is to raise money for communities in disadvantaged places like East Timor. It is so we get of a taste of what they have to go through.

Every class in our school gave up something different. Things like:

  • No talking
  • No electricity
  • No furniture


We only gave those up for the 6 hours of school but some people went home and did the whole 40 hours.

Our class did no talking. We did that last year and did it well. There were a few slip ups but other than that, it was really good !! Pam, our teacher, quite enjoyed Friday… 😉 . I did the whole 40 hours. The actual famine is this weekend but our school did it last week. Great job/good luck to those who participated !!

ME Club Challenge #3

This challenge is to put a video of our current favourite song.

I have quite a few at the moment. I really like:

  • Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5
  • Super Bass – Niki Minaj
  • Jumpstart – These Kids Wear Crowns
  • Don’t Wanna Go Home – Jason Derulo

Out of the suitable ones, Moves Like Jagger is my favourite. I hope you like it. This is the lyrics video.

What’s your favourite song at the moment ?? Did you do the 40 Hour Famine ??


Lately in class, we have been talking about heroes and what qualities they poses. Here are few that we came up with:

Those are just a few. We also asked ourselves a few questions like:

  • Does a hero need to save lives ??

  • Does a hero have to have the same intentions as everyone else ??

  • Could a hero be someone that just does something small that lightens your day ??

  • Does a hero need to be well known ??

  • What makes a hero ??

  • Are heroes born, or are they people who are shaped by experiences in their lives ??

What do you think ??

Now we have been set an assignment. We need to present a report card on someone we consider a hero, based on the discussions we had in class. We need to include:

  • Date and place of birth

  • Family information

  • Education

  • Characteristics

  • Life experiences/events

  • Achievements

Then we have to write and speech that we would be giving at a banquet where our hero is being awarded the Hero Hall of Fame award.

I have chosen Dian Fossey as my hero. I made a Glog (at my own will) but it is too big to embed into this post so here is the link (click on the picture).

Please leave a comment telling me the answer to a few of the questions I have above and who you would/have picked as your hero.

Just Another Insane Sunday

This Sunday on the 31st of July was pretty hectic for me !! My schedule for the day was:

  1. 9:15 am  – Leave for my Troupe  workshop

  2. 3:00 pm – Get picked up from the Troupe workshop

  3. 3:20 pm – Arrive at Victoria Park for the Round Two 6 Hour Pedal Prix race

  4. 4:30 pm – Arrive at home and blog about today

That all happened according to plan and now I have to do my last activity for today !!

I woke up at about 7:30 am this morning in time to get ready for my 5 hour Troupe (click on links for more info) workshop and Pedal Prix race afterwards. I left for the dance studio at 9:15 am because Dad wanted to go see the start of the 6 Hour race which was close by that started at 10:00 am. I got there and no one was there apart from some ladies having a meeting of some sort.

People started arriving and we went into the dance area down stairs and waited for the rest of all of the 3 Troupes arrived. When that happened and we got a quick brief on a chunky envelope we were given, we went upstairs into the larger part of the studio with ballet mirrors.

At about 1:30 pm we had a lunch break so we went back down stairs, at lunch and practiced a routine we learnt. After a while when everyone was done, we got back into business.

At 3:00 pm I raced out of the studio to be whisked off with Dad to Victoria Park where Mr. Smith, the coordinator, was with the rest of the afternoon shift people; Millie, Connor, Hayley, Amelia, Olivia, Wylan and Hannah F.

Hayley pulled in just as I arrived so I jumped in the bike and rode 3 laps. The fastest lap time was 2:05 done by two new members to the team !! The fastest 2 lap time was 4 minutes and 48 seconds !! The new people to the team this year are:

And us oldies are:

This race was fun but it was just a build up to the big 24 Hour race in September. Last year’s 24 Hour race was amazingly fun and I hope it will be again !! Last year we came 17th and this year we are aiming for 15th or better.

Bye for now,

Rach !! 8)

The title based on the song “Manic Monday” by Bangles.

Back to School !!

Yes, Term 3 has started today for schools around Australia. I enjoyed my holidays and I didn’t really want them to end but a bit of me wanted to see everyone again and get back into routine.

We started the term off by talking about the changes in our room. Hannah P has left the school, Hannah F isn’t coming to school this Term and Lachlan S returned from half a year in Melbourne and became an addition to Room 13 which is great news !!

Looking forward to a great Term of:

  • ETM Tri-outs

  • Troupe

  • Festival Music Chir

  • Activated Gymnastics

  • Netball

  • Calisthenics

  • Blogging 😀

As Pam pointed out this morning, it is also my last semester at Primary school !!

What are you doing this term ??