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Just recently our class had auditions for our year 6/7  plays (see last year’s here). We are doing a play called Cinders. It is based on Cinderella, with a few extra parts and the storyline is a bit muddled up. We had everyone who wanted a particular part say a few lines from the script and then they would leave the room so everyone else could vote on the best person for the job. Here is a list of the characters and the cast.

Narrators-Millie and Trevy

Cinders-Erin G


Prince Charming-Ryan

Cruel (not ugly!) Stepsisters-Emily and ME!!!


Queen-Erin H

Lord Gripington-Nick

Granny-Charlotte M



Fairy Godmother-Livvy

Queen’s Ladies-In-Waiting-Amelia and Chelsea

Prince’s Bodyguards-Hamish, Jackson and Charlotte T

Mr. Shifter-Wylan

Shifters (non-speaking)-Jasmine, Hannah P, Kellie

Newspaper Sellers-Zoe and Tori

Wishy, Chinese Laundry Girl (non-speaking)-Victoria

Washy, Chinese Laundry Girl (non-speaking)-Sira

Hayley and Hannah F will most likely be Shifters or sign holders (the BOOING and HISSING) but I’m not 100% sure.

The plays will be performed in week 8 of term 2. I will most definitely do a post on it with photos but for now, it is just rehearsals and practices!

And, congrats to everyone who auditioned because everyone was just fantastic and the voting was very hard! But, you know the saying goes “There are no small parts, only small actors” quoted by Stanislavisky, Konstantin.

Plus, I wish everyone a happy Easter holiday! What are you doing these holidays?

4 thoughts on “…And Action!

  1. Hey Rachster
    MM’s class is doing St Georgia and The Dragon, and I get to be a head on a 2 headed dragon! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Hope you have a good time being cruel to people in your play.
    Happy holidays, Hazza

  2. Hi Rach!

    I’m really happy that I got the narrator!!! That’s the part that I wanted the most. Congrats on getting the cruel sisters!! You and Em deffinetly deserved those parts!! Jokes! 😉

    I can’t wait to start the rehearsals!! They should be fun! I’m definetly going to try and learn some of my lines in the holidays!!

    Millie 😀

  3. Hi Rach!

    I’m so happy I got Cinders! I really wanted to play her.
    I LOVE drama so this years plays are going really fun!

    Your audition was really good. You will be very good at Bogina.
    (step sister)

    The best audition I saw was absolutley definetly Aaron. He was amazing! OMG!


  4. Hi Rach,

    The play is going to be great and it is so cool that we get to be stepsisters together !!

    Even just reading through it once on the last day of term with the whole class was really good !! I hope someone videos it !!

    I hope you are having a great holiday and Easter !!

    See you next term !!

    Em 😀

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