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Hi, I am Rachael and I am 13 years old. I am a girl and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am in a year 6/7 class and I am a year 7.

At school I like P.E, PC work, blogging, art (sometimes) and just randomly talking.

I have 2 bunnies (Cookie and Carrots).

I also have the noisiest Chicken that anyone could imagine. She lays 1 egg a day and we have called her Captain Chirp. Accompanying her is Molly who is equally noisey! We also have another chicken that we share with our neighbours (and their grandchildren) called Victoria Peckham !!

I would love to go to England to see all the attractions and to New Zealand, Christchurch and meet somebody who experienced the earthquake. Also to see some professional Haka performances!

I live with my 2 parents and my siblings, 1 brother and a sister.

I currently loooove the show Top Gear (UK) and I also like a show called Mythbusters.

To find out more, go to my Favourites page.

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  1. I live in England, and it’s OK but I wouldn’t recommend it for a holiday destination. (The Weather is horrible and GREY) 🙂 I’m not trying to put your hopes down. My dream destination is Tokyo, I LOVE everything Japanese:)

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